Meet the Compiler

Nicole EastmanDr. Nicole Eastman is a best-selling, internationally published author who turned to therapeutic writing and ministry following a near-fatal car accident in December 2010.

Prior to her accident, she earned her degree in medicine from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Wayne State University.  Throughout her undergraduate studies she worked in many jobs, including employment as a NASM and ACE certified personal trainer and AFAA certified group fitness instructor.

Following her accident, in 2012, Nicole had the pleasure of mentoring about 25 girls at Hope of Detroit Academy, where her husband was employed as the physical education and health teacher.  Here she was led to meet with the girls on a weekly basis, where they grew together.  Mentoring sessions consisted of positive self-affirmations, meals made with love, and non-judgmental, non-authoritative real talk surrounding issues that affect not only youth, but also many (if not most) adults still to this day.  This experience touched Nicole so deeply and she fell in love with each of these girls, who are seen as sisters to her. Nicole is still in touch with the majority of the sisters she gained through the Hope of Detroit Mentoring Program, which is truly a blessing.  These young women are the inspiration for this book.

In 2014, Nicole partnered with Choose Growth,, in an effort to expand her reach in accordance with her passion to help others.  She looks forward to expanding on the “I Am!” brand and developing further resources to help hurting people heal through the power of faith, self-reflection, and positive thinking.

Nicole hopes that this book is a blessing to all who have the opportunity to read it through in its entirety.  She also prays that God continues to use her every single day for His glory.  It is important that Nicole makes the most of her second chance at life for however long it lasts. She currently resides in Grand Cayman with her husband, Tim, and their beautiful son, Jack.