Bernard J. Rabine

Bernie Rabine PhotoBernie Rabine was born in 1954, and raised in Michigan. In 1974, he was diagnosed with an advanced case of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After radical surgery and intense radiation therapy, his doctors told him he had 2 years, at best. Bernie has been fighting to live ever since then.

In 2007, Bernie was informed that a heart valve replacement was necessary for him to continue living. Now the proud owner of a pig valve, Bernie continues to battle every obstacle that tries to block his future…a future he doesn’t know but will fight for. Even though he was sterilized from the radiation therapy, he and his wife Colleen were truly blessed with three wonderful children.

As an accomplished writer, Bernie writes about courage, going beyond one’s limits, and defying convention. His stories are at once, enjoyable, intriguing, and inspiring. Bernie’s premier novel, Barry is a great story about a young man that chooses to face life and death differently. Barry’s outlook on life infects people with hope and courage to face even the most horrible outlook.

Bernie has been writing since he was in his early teens, creating fantastic plays for the neighborhood children, telling stories to school kids, and creating wonderful games with his three sisters. His next effort, a rollicking sci-fi adventure trilogy is set for release in the summer of 2014.

In addition to books, he has written two plays that have been produced, one on the birth of Jesus Christ, and one on the Passion and Death of Christ. He is an occasional contributor to local newspapers, and frequently writes for magazines and regional publications.

Bernie and his wife, Colleen, and their three miracle children live a faith-filled, fear-free life in Midland, Michigan with their three miracle children and a mutt named Scruffy.

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