Craig J. Boykin

Craig J. Boykin Head ShotCraig J. Boykin is a renowned keynote speaker, author, community activist, and mentor. Craig has devoted his life to creating lasting change for those who desire it; Craig has risen to national stage by delivering his inspirational message which tells people how to shake off mediocrity and live up to their greatness. It is a message Craig has learned from his own life and one he is helping others apply to their lives. Craig is one of the nation’s leading authorities in understanding and stimulating human potential, utilizing a powerful delivery and newly emerging insights to teach, inspire and channel people to new levels of achievement. Craig’s personal mission in life is to provide hope to individuals who feel that their current situation is hopeless. Craig travels the country presenting his seminar, “Make Life Count.” Craig published his first book in 2013 entitled, “My Life, Your Inspiration” and has been featured on TBN, won various awards, and his story has been shared in many inspirational and motivational magazines. Craig is one of the most sought after speakers in America speaking at programs, events, graduations and conferences across America. Craig truly has a very inspiring story and his journey from GED to PhD is one that will have you motivated to go out and achieve greatness.