Kimle Nailer, BA

Kimle NailerKimle Nailer is committed to teaching women the importance of experiencing their inner qualities as the essence of their beauty and strength. The message of self-esteem building is very dear to Kimle as she struggled with low self-esteem from childhood well into her mid-30s, living in the shadows of others, and void of any self-expression. She is a successful, heart-centered entrepreneur, Dynamic Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Spiritual Intuitive Life Coach, and uses her own life story of overcoming low self-esteem as a compelling message for how she used personal, spiritual & professional development to go from being one who lived in the shadows of others into a confident, motivational business woman – in her late-thirties. She has become known as the “Alchemist for Soul Awakening” due to her work of helping women uncover their soul’s purpose from their painful memories of the past and early childhood programming so they can successfully transform their lives into confident visionaries, capable of building their lives, businesses, and their communities.

In 2008, she founded Positive S.I.S.T.E.R.S., (Self-Improvement Simply Takes Education, Redevelopment and Sincerity) an organization designed to empower women through sisterhood, so we create a sacred space for our soul’s inner essence, beauty, strengths and talents, and live powerfully with purpose. She hosts the “Real Women Like Us – Redefining Our Beauty” an annual fashion show luncheon, using “real” women as models, so women see that beauty comes in all ages, shapes, sizes and colors, and feel confident “in their own skin.”

Kimle became a facilitator for the Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, to support the mission of teaching 5 million young girls their value and self-worth, and the importance of expressing their inner qualities. Seeing media’s impact on the self-image of women and girls during her fifteen year career as a marketing professional, Kimle’s personal transformation from the dark, smart nerd is what fuels her passion of helping women and teens with their self-esteem so they live powerfully in the world, and pursue their dreams.

Not only does she support self-esteem building for teen girls and women, but she also is a mentor for youth so they have the opportunity to uncover their interests, set goals and passionately begin their journey early in life to reach their potential. In 2011, she was awarded the distinguished State of Michigan Governor’s Service Award as Mentor of the Year.

Through her workshops, coaching programs, and keynote presentations, Kimle shows her audience how to experience self-confidence, freedom & empowerment from their inner soul’s essence so that they can create the phenomenal life of their dreams. Her goal is to build a community of confident women, committed to uplifting the human spirit, and birthing solutions for our world because women have the largest range of influence to improve the lives of our families and communities.