Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith

Samantha initially developed a keen interest in human health and behaviour at age 16, when she entered into intensive multi-professional health care training within the NHS. In this role she developed a natural skill and passion for helping patients and clients through the rehabilitation and adjustment of illness, in particular acquired brain injury.

Samantha then pursued a further education in Psychology and human performance, enhancing her knowledge of human behaviour, modification and coping systems.

Samantha’s chapter in this book, ‘I am Worthy’ reflects upon significant factors contributing to the development of a young persons self-worth. Samantha discusses the behaviour and beliefs which may contribute to the maintenance of low self esteem, commonly leading to depressive and anxious episodes.

In her personal time, Samantha mentors young people and provides them with clarity, validation and encouragement; She teaches aspects of self-care, self-worth, a recognition of healthy relationship boundaries and beliefs.

Professionally, Samantha supervises health professionals in private practise. She provides business owners with strategic solutions built upon detailed behaviour analysis and she is the founder of private coaching and psychotherapy practices in the UK.

Twitter: @therapymatters
Cell Phone: 07583 449 162