Sheilah M. Wilson, M.A., LPC, MAC, BCC

Sheilah M. Wilson PhotoSheilah M. Wilson, M.A. is an extraordinary Transformational Life Coach, entrepreneur, teacher, international best-selling author, and facilitator of mindfulness exercises, guided imagery and energy psychology techniques.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Independent Substance Counselor, certified Master Addiction Counselor, and Board Certified Coach.  Sheilah has accumulated more than 13,000 hours coaching over 1500 clients to achieve transformational results.  She is brilliantly insightful and intuitive, respectful and compassionate.

Sheilah has a diverse background of experience and expertise that grounds her in the unique position of being able to awaken, catalyze, inspire, and champion a diverse population who come to her with a variety of issues, blocks, needs, desires, concerns and goals.  Her mission and passion is to assist high-achieving women who, despite their external accomplishments and success, know in their hearts that something is missing.  They feel stressed, out of balance, depleted, dissatisfied, overwhelmed keeping up, maybe depressed or anxious, having lost connection to a feeling of meaning and purpose – just deeply unhappy.

Sheilah helps these women step back and really reevaluate what is most important to them – whether it be in career, family, intimate relationships, health, spirituality – then together craft a graceful, strength-based plan of action to make these empowered changes to ultimately live a life they love!

Sheilah works hard to be as healthy as she can be mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually; this heart-centered commitment allows her to be the best possible coach and mentor for her clients.

Twitter: @SheilahWilson
Instagram: shemoth888