Suniti Saxena, BEd

Suniti SaxenaSuniti Saxena is currently working as Art Teacher at Christ the Teacher School, Fort Lee, NJ, and is a U.S. Citizen. She holds a degree in Arts and a degree in Education. Recently she has started ‘Creative Wonders’, Arts and Crafts weekly classes for kids to help kids develop their uniqueness and original ideas. The purpose of her life is to work for children, especially minor girls. She has variety of artistic interests. Her innovative mind is full of ideas. She looks forward to contributing her modernize design of kitchen, dishwasher, furniture and car.

She is living in New Jersey, USA with her husband, Udayan Srivastava and their six years old daughter, Khushbu. She likes to be a responsible, devoted and sincere mother before she expands her work area in the near future. She thinks that her time is very valuable as long as she is healthy, she has to do whatever she can, since world really needs to think about children, providing them free of stress education so that they can enjoy, have fun and interest in their studies and to be eager to learn more and more.

Not only learning, kids have to be safe in their school’s premises without any violence. She believes that there should be special moral education for teenage boys so that when they are men, they respect women.

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