Tyesha K. Love, M.A.

Tyesha K. LoveTyesha K. Love, M.A. is an organizational consultant, teen mentor, peer counselor, author, and motivational speaker. Through a gamut of personal experiences – from those of adversity and triumph, Tyesha’s mission is to lead, develop, and motivate people while passionately promoting awareness and empowerment; engendering inspiration and motivation; and nurturing personal and professional development, amid inspiring vision and direction.

As an Organizational Consultant, Tyesha’s concentration is on the holistic view of organizations. To help businesses improve structure, enhance operations and reach financial goals, Tyesha uses her intrinsic skills for proficient, ethical, and effective leadership; her professional background in Business Management and Supervision and educational acumen in Organizational Leadership, from Eastern University.

Tyesha aspires to mentor adolescents on the plethora of adeptness for becoming successful, ambitious, competent and civilized adults. Through mentoring, Tyesha aims to strengthen youths’ skills such as time and finance management, organization skills, increasing productivity, decision making, interview training, problem solving, social skills, and self-sufficiency. She desires to engender in youth both personal and professional growth, living a balanced life, and social awareness.

Tyesha also provides motivational speaking for teen parents. “As I recall my years as a teenage parent and high school student, I felt as if people expected me to be just another statistic­­ – on welfare and a high school dropout.”  She promotes self sufficiency and is actively engaged in directing and inspiring adolescents in gaining life skills and education to aid in overcoming any obstacles they may encounter. She is adamant about developing each youth’s confidence to instill self belief, morals, and standards.

In 2007, at the age of 29, Tyesha received devastating news when she was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. I Am Not My Hair, A young woman’s journey and triumph over breast cancer is a story of a tumultuous journey toward survivorship. Through Tyesha’s plight with breast cancer, she has dedicated herself to engender awareness, empowerment and encouragement to survivors, their families and their caregivers. I Am Not My Hair chronicles her experiences, thoughts as well as the physical and emotional state throughout a season with cancer. She shares her story of the unspoken words that follow a cancer diagnosis, in hopes of uplifting, motivating and inspiring others through her personal experiences.

Since Tyesha has been in remission, she has developed a passion for engendering awareness, empowerment and inspiration amongst cancer survivors, their loved ones and caregivers.
As cancer does not affect only the afflicted, Tyesha aims to reveal the struggles from the perspective of caregivers and loved ones through motivational speaking. She unveils the thoughts a survivor has, the physical aspects of treatments and surgeries, the challenges of being on medical leave, maintaining a normal life for the children of a survivor, and the effect a cancer diagnosis and treatment has on relationships. Tyesha discloses the moments of hope; the power of faith, and celebration of victory.

Tyesha and her works have been featured on numerous broadcast and print media channels. She has been awarded the Diane Fitzgerald Memorial Award from The Breathing Room Foundation; received VIP Woman of the Year status from The National Association for Professional Women, was awarded membership into Strathmore’s Who’s Who for Outstanding Professionals. She was titled National Association of Professional Women Philadelphia Chapter’s October 2013 Woman of the Month, and was named Susan G. Komen Philadelphia Affiliate Outstanding Survivor Volunteer. She is also a Living Beyond Brest Cancer Butterfly Ball honoree

Tyesha aspires to develop Transformational Kinetic Leadership Inc. (TKL Inc.) – an organization that will provide a variety of consulting services for strengthening individuals and teams and enhancing organizational structure and operations.

Tyesha was raised in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. She currently resides in Ambler, Pennsylvania with her two children, Taylor and Joseph; and her Norwegian Elkhound, Micah.

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